Smart switch: content transfer
You want to transfer data from one device to another? Try Smart Switch

What is this?

You finally made a choice and got a new smartphone and it's great!

But there is one thing that does not make your purchase 100% cool. So far, the new device lacks the necessary contacts, videos and photos. So far, the new device lacks the necessary contacts, videos and photos. Personal data and settings to which you are accustomed must also be added.Transfer wizard is ready!

ℹ We took this shortcoming into account and developed a free data transfer tool - smart transfer app. All necessary files and settings are transferred easily and quickly. This application does
- photo transfer
- music transfer
- data transfer
and creates phone clone.📱 📲

Сopy my data and their further use on a new device will not be difficult even for novice users. Use WIFI or HOTSPOT to connect devices. In this case, the old device will be the sender device, the new device will be the recipient device on which copy my data.

❗ Devices must be connected to the same WIFI📱 📲
Run the app and transfer my data
The app will ask for permission to transfer data, and confirm that the two devices will pair.
You choose the data you want to transfer.
Send data from device to device!

❗ℹ By downloading our application you will get clear benefits
• the application is compatible with different models of smartphones
• Supports direct data transfer, no additional devices required
• it is as simple as possible to choose the type of data that you need to transfer
• data quality will not be compromised during transfer
• convenient and intuitive interface, no additional technical knowledge is required.

⌚Additionally, we inform you that the data transfer time depends on the amount of data and the capabilities of your devices.

👍 Smart Switch app will transfer data from most Android devices. When you have purchased a new phone, be sure to use our new content transfer application. The team is constantly working on the development of our product. install updates for the application and enjoy all possible benefits.

Try a new app Smart switch: content transfer.👍📱